Clay Matthews mocks Colin Kaepernick: ‘You ain’t Russell Wilson, bro’

Clay Matthews
Packers linebacker Clay Matthews celebrates after a sack last season.
(Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images)

Colin Kaepernick was an easy target for the Green Bay defense on Sunday, and I'm not just talking about the six times the San Francisco 49ers quarterback got sacked during the 17-3 loss to the Packers.

After one of those sacks, Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews mocked Kaepernick by mimicking the QB's signature celebratory move of kissing his biceps.

Matthews is also being credited with this classic diss of Kaepernick, picked up by the TV microphone after the quarterback lost a yard after holding onto the ball on a read-option play.

In case you couldn't quite hear it, the line was, "You ain't Russell Wilson, bro," a reference to the Seattle Seahawks quarterback who has had tremendous success running that play.

Matthews was asked about the biceps kiss after the game. "It’s just having fun," he said. "We’re a bunch of kids out there running around and having fun at each other’s expense.”

Pretty sure Kaepernick isn't laughing. Just a few years removed from a Super Bowl appearance, the 49ers are 1-3 with Kaepernick having thrown five interceptions to just two touchdown passes. He's also been sacked 14 times already, on pace for a career-high 56 times.

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