Kyrie Irving: Kevin Love handshake has nothing to do with smoking weed

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love were so happy after Cleveland's 118-111 win Monday over New Orleans that they celebrated with a wacky handshake.

It was not, however, a wacky tobacky handshake, as many people have assumed after viewing the players' postgame display.

So says Irving, who begrudgingly explained to reporters Wednesday that he and Love were not acting as if they were smoking a joint when bringing their hands to their mouths with a thumb and index finger pinched together at the end of the rather complicated handshake.

"It's a simple twist of our mustaches," Irving said while providing a demonstration on his own whiskers. "I guess Kevin's hand got a little wild there. But for us, it was literally just a twist of our mustaches. It's just a handshake that we do. We make a little noise afterwards."

Irving's explanation was pretty much the same as one sent out by the Cavaliers via email. Except that one doesn't mention the "little noise," which Irving said was the players simultaneously saying the word "mousers" in a high-pitched voice.

Gee, I wonder why the Cavs felt the need to leave that super cool little detail out.

Irving also said there's a third teammate involved in their handshake crew but wouldn't reveal the name. No word on if anyone asked if it rhymed with BreBron Brames.

The Cavaliers said the ritual started during a preseason trip to Brazil. Irving added that they have no intention of stopping it.

"We're going to do it more now," Irving said. "This is an awesome handshake we're not going to change.

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