Watch Marshawn Lynch answer all media questions with just a thank-you

Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch on the sidelines during the Seahawks' game against the Arizona Cardinals.
Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch on the sidelines during the Seahawks’ game against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday.
(Christian Petersen / Getty Images)

Marshawn Lynch finally opened up.

About a month after being fined $100,000 for violating the NFL's media policy and then answering nearly every question with "yeah" after the following week's game, the Seattle Seahawks star running back is no longer giving reporters one-word answers.

Following Sunday's huge 35-6 victory over the Arizona Cardinals for the NFC West lead, Lynch averaged nearly five whole words per response.

But every single time he was merely thanking the reporter for asking the question, rather than actually answering it.

He was asked numerous times about his monstrous 79-yard touchdown run, during which he went full out Beast Mode in breaking tackles and just bulldozing guys. His answer the first time, "Thank you." The second and third times, "Thanks for asking."

After that third response, a reporter asked, "What's that?"

Lynch replied, "I said, 'Thanks for asking.' "

The reporter kept pressing, "Can you talk about the run?"

Lynch: "I know. I said, 'Thanks for asking.' I appreciate it."

He was also asked numerous times about the upset stomach that kept him out of much of the first half. Lynch's answers: "Thank you for asking," "Thanks for asking," and "I appreciate you asking about my stomach. Thank you."

OK, so maybe Lynch really hasn't opened up to the media just yet. His postgame interviews are still more entertaining than 99% of the others we hear on a weekly basis.

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