Marshawn Lynch has one word for the NFL after hefty fine: ‘Yeah’

Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch isn't known for being chatty with reporters.
(Elaine Thompson / Associated Press)

Marshawn Lynch gave the NFL what it wanted on Sunday.

Well, kind of.

After being fined $100,000 last week for violating the league’s media policy, the star Seattle running back stuck around to talk to reporters at his locker following the Seahawks’ victory over the Arizona Cardinals, something he didn’t do a week earlier after a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Lynch answered every one of the more than 20 questions asked of him ... although almost every time the answer was “yeah,” regardless of whether he was asked a yes-or-no question.

As in:

How about the effort of the offensive line? “Yeah.”

How does that defense compare to others you’ve seen this year? “Yeah.”


How does your back feel? “Yeah.”

And so on. About five questions in, Lynch was asked about heating pads in his cleats. He answered: “I got a foundation dinner at the Edgewater on Dec. 14, to help benefit the inner-city youth out in Oakland and try and raise money to build a youth center. So ... yeah.”

Then it was back to a lot more “yeahs” -- 17 total, some delivered with comedic effect. There were also a couple of “maybes,” an “I don’t know” and a “no” thrown in there. Lynch did make the effort to correct a reporter’s pronunciation of the name of rapper Lil Boosie.

And he did give one real answer. When asked what he listened to on the bus on the way over, Lynch answered, “No Juice,” the name of a Boosie song.

Normally boisterous teammate Richard Sherman got into the act as well, making an effort to keep his answers to reporters as short as possible after the game.

“That’s what happens when Marshawn gets fined,” Sherman said at the end. “You think this was bad. Wait till my press conference next week.”

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