Pro wrestler Perro Aguayo Jr. dies during match with Rey Mysterio

Mexican wrestler Pedro ‘Perro’ Aguayo Jr. dies after a fight
Mexican wrestler Pedro ‘Perro’ Aguayo Jr. (C), 35, receiving medical treatment after receiving a flying kick from his rival ‘Rey Misterio’ during a fight in Tijuana, Mexico, on 20 March 2015. Aguayo was taken to a hospital, where he was declared dead due to concussion trauma.

Perro Aguayo Jr., one of the biggest stars in Mexican pro wrestling, died during a match in Tijuana on Friday night. He was 35.

Aguayo was on the receiving end of a low dropkick to the back from Rey Mysterio Jr. and fell into the ropes to set up Mysterio’s 619 finishing maneuver. Wrestler Manik also fell into the ropes to set up a double 619 move and the ropes whiplashed into Aguayo, apparently breaking his neck.

The match quickly ended and Aguayo was rushed to the Hospital del Prado in Tijuana, where the initial cause of death was reported as cervical spine trauma.

Aguayo is the son of Perro Aguayo, one of the top wrestlers in lucha libre history.


The state prosecutor’s office told the Associated Press that it had opened an investigation into a possible manslaughter case.

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