Watch sports anchor make 23 Robin Williams references during report


“For those of you who suffer from insomnia, Saturday’s Braves game was perfect for you as it ended at 2:29 in the morning. Tonight against the Dodgers a little more friendly for the timekeeper as this one ended a little after 10.”

So started Monday’s report from Zach Klein, the sports anchor at WSB-TV in Atlanta. Nothing all that unusual about it -- only the most savvy viewers might have noticed that both “Insomnia” and “The Timekeeper” are movies starring Robin Williams, the beloved actor/comedian who killed himself earlier that day.

But as the report went on and Klein used such phrases and words as “Nine Months,” “Man Of the Year,” “Happy Feet” and “Jumanji” in discussing the Dodgers-Braves game, it became pretty apparent what the sportscaster was up to.


“Honestly, I just wanted to do something to show my appreciation for the greatness that was Robin Williams,” said Klein, who made 23 Williams references (21 movie titles, one TV show name and one quote from a film) during the 2-1/2-minute report.

Klein, who never mentions Williams by name during the broadcast, added: “It was a hard day for so many and I thought a subtle tribute to a man many loved and admired was the least I could do.”

One of the best lines from Klein’s broadcast: “Julio Teheran has flexed his muscles like Popeye at home. ... He struggled tonight and eventually gets the Hook.”

He wraps it all up with Williams’ famous “carpe diem” quote from “Dead Poets Society”: “Seize the day, boys, make your life extraordinary.”

One of the news anchors gave Klein a verbal tip of the cap, saying, “Well done, Zach.”


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