Video: Watch the latest news from the Clippers

LA Times’ Clippers reporter Melissa Rohlin talks Clippers news every week.

While the Clippers are taking the day off from practice Wednesday, we’re bringing you a breakdown of the most recent news from Clipperland.

During last week’s loss to the Golden State Warriors, Clippers Coach Doc Rivers called the team soft. In their win over Portland, J.J. Redick said he had one of the best days of his life because his newborn son saw him play for the first time. In the team’s loss to San Antonio, the Clippers finally outrebounded an opponent for the first time this season.

A lot has been happening. Los Angeles Times Clippers blogger Melissa Rohlin breaks it all down for you in the video above.

And in case you missed it, check out our video from last week, which includes Chris Paul talking about Kobe Bryant.