Will Adam Vinatieri announce his retirement Monday?

Adam Vinatieri warms up with holder Rigoberto Sanchez before Sunday's game.
(Associated Press)

Did Adam Vinatieri of the Indianapolis Colts, considered by many the greatest kicker in NFL history, play his final game Sunday?

He missed two extra points in a 19-17 victory over Tennessee. Last week he missed an extra point and two field goals. To miss five kicks in two weeks is the opposite of what Vinatieri usually does. And he wasn’t happy after Sunday’s game, telling the assembled media, “You’ll hear from me tomorrow.” Reminded that there is no media availability on Mondays so they wouldn’t hear from him, Vinatieri said “Yeah, you will.”

Many on social media immediately assumed he is going to announce his retirement. And it is a logical assumption to make. After all, Vinatieri is 46. His first season was 1996, when Brett Favre was named MVP. The offensive rookie of the year was Eddie George, who retired after the 2004 season. So Vinatieri has been around for a while.

Was Sunday his final game? We’ll find out soon.

Peterson not Gruden’s guy

For all of you who have running back Adrian Peterson on your fantasy teams, don’t start salivating yet over the fact that the Washington Redskins put starting running back Derrius Guice on injured reserve.

Redskins coach Jay Gruden is not a big fan of Peterson.

Sunday’s game with Dallas was shown on Fox, and sideline reporter Pam Oliver shared some interesting information.

“Jay Gruden is still not in favor of Peterson’s strength, which is a north-south running style,” Oliver said. “He feels like it limits the offense and gives the defense way too many opportunities.”

Peterson carried the ball 10 times for 25 yards Sunday, but last season, which Guice missed because of injury, Peterson rushed for 1,042 yards.

Bradshaw ‘can’t stand’ Brown

Hall of Fame Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw is not a fan of former Steelers receiver Antonio Brown.


“I can’t stand players like Antonio Brown,” Bradshaw told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

“Winning football games is all about the team and all about players caring about one another and everybody pulling together, not pulling apart,” Bradshaw said. “You can’t have Antonio Brown for all the greatness that they are, do you want the baggage that goes with that? I wouldn’t.

“I’m glad they got rid of him and ... I wish the heck they would have gotten rid of him a long time ago.”

Brown has had a chaotic time since being traded by the Steelers, marked by frostbitten feet, helmet issues, fines, a confrontation with Oakland GM Mike Mayock, his release by the Raiders and a lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault. He signed with New England and played his first game with the Patriots on Sunday, catching four passes for 56 yards and a touchdown.

But he wouldn’t have caught any passes if Bradshaw were the quarterback.

“I cannot emphasize how I cannot stand and have a disdain totally for players like that,” Bradshaw said. “They would hate me if they were on our team. They would hate me because I wouldn’t throw to him.”

Titans were on fire Sunday

You know how some NFL teams like to shoot flames into the air when their starting lineup is introduced before a home game? The machine that does it is shaped like a box and fire shoots out of the top.

The Tennessee Titans overlooked one key part: making sure the opening for the flames is facing up.

Before Sunday’s game, the Titans shot off flames, but the box was situated wrong, so the flames shot out the side instead of the top. The result: part of the field on the sideline caught on fire.

Luckily there were plenty of fire extinguishers on hand. It didn’t take long to put the flames out, but they left a large charred spot on the sideline.