Dark Passages: An Archive of Columns

Dark Passages: Pursued by the 'crooked' past

In Tom Franklin's Southern gothic tale, two men find their long-disrupted friendship complicated by secrets and misunderstandings.

Dark Passages: Where American dreams go to die

In 'A Stranger Like You' and 'Chosen,' criminal impulses collide with wishes for Hollywood success and a baby of one's own.

Dark Passages: Real estate noir

Intrigue and murder involving commercial property abound in Justin Peacock's thriller 'Blind Man's Alley.'

Dark Passages: Writers lost and found

With 'Hailey's War,' Jodi Compton makes a comeback — of sorts.

Dark Passages: Michael Koryta tackles ghosts new and old

'So Cold the River' is a departure from the author's previous crime novels that heads straight for supernatural territory.

Dark Passages: The Anxious Fiction of Emily St. John Mandel

The Anxious Fiction of Emily St. John Mandel

Dark Passages: Can you trust what you hear?

Dark Passages: Boarding school gothic

Dark Passages: Knockout debuts of the 'decade'

Dark Passages: The lesson of a master

Dark Passages: Dissecting the Detectives, Part 1

Dark Passages: How to freshen up a detective series

Dark Passages: Seeking peace for himself and his victims

Dark Passages: Manly adventures with Gabriel Hunt

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