Where to find abalone

There are two ways to purchase farmed abalone: as tenderized steaks, which have been pounded and come shrink-wrapped, or live in the shell. Live in-the-shell abalone will yield about a third of its weight in steaks.

The Abalone Farm: Tender-ized steaks shipped overnight, $105 for 16 (1-ounce) steaks, including shipping. (877) 367-2271.

Monterey Abalone Co.: Live in the shell. $20 per pound, plus shipping. (831) 646-0350.

US Abalone: Live in the shell. $30 per pound (2-pound minimum order), plus shipping. (888) 222-5663.

Los Angeles Fish Co.: Live in the shell. $23.95 per pound. 420 Stanford Ave., Los Angeles. (213) 489-4236.

-- Russ Parsons