Club Cherry
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Cherry Pop in West Hollywood

Saturday night’s Cherry Pop at Ultra Suede in West Hollywood was inspired by Club Cherry, the raucous weekly party that reigned Hollywood’s club scene from 1994 to 2001. When you’re at a loss for dance moves, look to one of Cherry Pop’s go-go dancers for inspiration. Their costumes, by the way, are designed by the night’s hostess, Shokra. (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)
Resident DJ Josh Peace’s lively mix includes hits by Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, Madonna and Gwen Stefani. (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)
A view of the dance floor after one too many martinis. (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)
Transgender hostess Shokra once moved the crowd at legendary Club Cherry. She now lends her talents (and towering Mohawk) to Cherry Pop every Saturday night. (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)
So, what was the name of the night again? (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)
Mod-inspired wallpaper is just one of the few new touches at the recently redesigned Ultra Suede. (Lawrence K. Ho/ Los Angeles Times)
Cherry Pop’s female go-go dancers get lots of love too. (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)
One of the advantages of moving the club night from Here Lounge to Ultra Suede: an additional bar. (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)
Though she can usually be found performing on the main stage, spotting Shokra in a crowd isn’t very difficult. (Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times)