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Modern Bidet

The bidet may be a French invention, but in Japan, the deluxe toilet has become an art form. The Japanese brand Toto has a store in West Hollywood where it sells its toilet-bidet combos Neorest 600, left, and 500. Other perks: a heated seat, auto flush and a lid that opens when you approach. (Stephen Osman / Los Angeles Times)
Deluxe toilets such as this one by Toto are gradually becoming must-haves in high-end homes. (Stephen Osman / Los Angeles Times)
Almost any regular toilet can be retrofitted with a combo bidet-toilet seat. Toto’s version, here, found its way into nearly 70% of Japanese homes, and even onto the Japanese airlines JAL and ANA. (Stephen Osman / Los Angeles Times)
A sleek remote control. Toto and its American competitor Brondell use a double-wand, twin-nozzle system in their toilet-bidets for male and female use. (Stephen Osman / Los Angeles Times)
Another remote control, for the toilet that really does everything for you — well, all but one thing. (Stephen Osman / Los Angeles Times)
This control pad is on the side of the toilet-bidet. (Stephen Osman / Los Angeles Times)
Toto’s showroom in West Hollywood. (Stephen Osman / Los Angeles Times)
At the West Hollywood store, Toto employees aim to convert Americans to the way of the bidet. (Stephen Osman / Los Angeles Times)