A touch of bamboo
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A touch of bamboo

The Kyoto flatware set from Crate & Barrel is $139.95 for a 20-piece set; www.crateandbarrel.com ()
A silver-plated clock from Pottery Barn is $49; www.potterybarn.com. ()
The Madera floor lamp’s resin base looks like bamboo topped with a linen shade. It’s $89.95. www.cb2.com ()
Wall graphics from Blik come in tan and green; $40 per pack. www.whatisblik.com ()
William Haines’ lacquer and leather faux bamboo desk, $19,539, dates to about 1950. ()
The Porcelain Bamboo Lamp, $350, is new from Williams-Sonoma Home; www.wshome.com. ()