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Macabre Elegance

The Canopy chair from Downtown has a compelling shape that’s at once elegant and slightly spooky. Would Lily Munster curl up in it with a good book? (Downtown)
ODDITIES: A faux medical device is among the curiosities at Obsolete, Ray Azoulay’s Venice store, which is filled with a mix of the refined and the creepy, including disembodied doll heads and vintage taxidermy. Azoulay is the first to admit the look is not for everyone. (Oboslete)
The goth-glam Muirfield bench from Downtown in L.A. (Downtown)
A HINT OF HUMOR: The Robinson cocktail table from Jonathan Adler evokes the form of a spider. (Jonathan Adler)
The carved Tibetan monk skull, described as a symbol of devotion and a reminder of mortality, at Trove in Laguna Beach. (Karen Tapia-Andersen / LAT)
The Smoke chandelier made of burnt wood at Twentieth in L.A. (Twentieth)
The Normandie planter by the L.A. design team KeswickRobbins. (Keswick Robbins)
A vignette from the Brocade Home catalog features a chandelier, a carved mahogany bed, and leaf jacquard and velvet ribbon pillows that show a more romantic, less sinister side of the neo-Victorian. (Brocade Home)