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Flea Market Frenzy

For Scott Nelson and Shannon Stewart, below, the drive from Palm Desert to Long Beach was worth it to find a porcelain vase ($18) and a China doll ($4). (Spencer Weiner / LAT)
Ruben Luna of Ontario takes a good look at his latest find, a deer head he snagged for $35. “I was surprised it was still there,” he says. (Spencer Weiner / LAT)
Tokyo antiques dealer Sugi Satoshi finds an ornate clock for $20. (Spencer Weiner / LAT)
Linda Keene and daughter Emily Cox, 8, of Oceanside stumbled upon a linen scrapbook with birds on the cover ($25) and a wooden Noah’s ark set ($5). “I’ve been going to that market for 20 years. I know my way around,” Keene says. (Spencer Weiner / LAT)
Dee Bruno, a Lake Forest collector of primitive art, holds a hand-carved figurine of St. Michael the archangel from Xilitla, Mexico ($45). (Spencer Weiner / LAT)
Niall Bourke, who goes by the nickname Kipper, is a master woodworker with a keen eye for distinctive design. He walks through the Ventura flea market and assesses pieces along the way explaining what shoppers should look for. (Ken Hively / LAT)
Kathy Holmberg displays her find, a plate by Homer Laughlin China Co. (Spencer Weiner, Los Angeles Times)
Plaster carved angel, $100 at the Long Beach Flea Market. ()
1960’s chair, $65, and mod painting at the Long Beach Flea Market. ()
Emmy award winning, set decorator Leslie Frankenheimer shopping at the Rose Bowl flea market. (Ken Hively / LAT)