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The sedum: a water-sipping lawn alternative

Sedum reflexum. A quick spreader with short gray-green leaves and stalks of yellow flowers in summer. (Mark Boster / LAT)
Sedum spurium. ‘Tricolor.’ So named because green leaves are mottled with cream and edged in pink. Pink flowers in late summer. (Mark Boster / LAT)
Sedum brevifolia. Strands of tiny leaves form a carpet of medium green. (Mark Boster / LAT)
Sedum rupestre. ‘Angelina.’ With a little stress -- lots of sun and no water -- tips turn orange or red. Yellow flowers in summer. (Mark Boster / LAT)
Sedum hispanicum. Almost-flat species grows as a carpet of mint green tinged with red. (Mark Boster / LAT)
Sedum makinoi. Light-green leaves stand out against reddish stems. Tiny, star-shaped flowers. (Mark Boster / LAT)
Sedum spurium. ‘Dragon’s Blood.’ Dark red flowers. Green foliage will turn orange-red when stressed. (Mark Boster / LAT)