Sculptured walls
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Scupltured walls

Helvetica, also from B+N Industries. The panels are installed using cleats that fasten into studs or dry wall. (Michael Skott)
Seapod, also from B+N Industries. The panels can be cut for size and to accommodate electrical outlets. ()
Versailles is a wall panel from B+N Industries. The panels are made of medium density fiberboard and are about as heavy and large as standard pieces of plywood. ()
Links wall tiles from Chiasso are $98 for a set of 10 tiles that covers 22 1/2 square feet. ()
Mio tiles can be ordered in stock colors or painted, and they can be rotated for variations on a look. Like wallpaper, the tiles can be cleaned with a damp cloth. ()
V2 wall tiles are made by Mio, a Philadelphia company specializing in sustainable design. A pack of 12 Mio tiles start at $28. All of the tiles are made of recycled paper and can be installed with double-sided adhesive tape or wallpaper glue. ()