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Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel

Designer Karl Lagerfeld looks over a model at the Beverly Hills Hotel in preparation for an upcoming show. (Myung Chun / LAT)
Models work with production members during a Chanel accessories viewing. (Myung Chun / LAT)
A piece from the Chanel resort collection. (Myung Chun / LAT)
A model is filmed on a turntable for a slow, all-around look during the accessories viewing. (Myung Chun / LAT)
Clothes are separated by models’ names for the viewing. (Myung Chun / LAT)
Fabric bracelets bear the Chanel logo. (Myung Chun / LAT)
Lagerfeld’s collection reflects his penchant for fingerless gloves. (Myung Chun / LAT)
Chanel ankle boots feature a simple, stark design. (Myung Chun / LAT)
Every resort vacation calls for sneakers and roller skates. (Myung Chun / LAT)
A large Chanel bag with an equally large L.A. logo. The company’s new Beverly Hills store is packed with high art as well as high fashion. (Mark Boster / LAT)
Karl Lagerfeld, ready for the L.A. spotlight. (Myung Chun / LAT)