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Neiman Marcus Celebrates 100 Years

A live “mannequin” models a gown while shoppers enjoy themselves at the Neiman Marcus store in downtown Dallas. (Neiman Marcus)
Stanley Marcus, son of founder Herbert Marcus, escorts Sophia Loren at the store’s 1975 Fortnight, an annual celebration of cultures and fashion from around the world. The event was created by the younger Marcus. (Neiman Marcus)
The Fortnight became one of the most important events in Dallas. The first one, held in 1957, made the pages of Time magazine, where it was described as “Dallas in Wonderland.” (Neiman Marcus)
A Neiman Marcus ad features model Linda Evangelista. (Tom Munro / Neiman Marcus)
A gown by Adrian is showcased in this vintage ad. (Neiman Marcus)
A 100th anniversary pop-up book issued by the company follows a young girl’s journey through Neiman Marcus from past to present. (Neiman Marcus)
The commemorative book features highlights of the NM history. (Neiman Marcus)
The book, being sold at Neiman Marcus stores, goes for $100 a pop. (Neiman Marcus)
A vintage poster from the 1958 Fortnight. (Neiman Marcus)