Head gear
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Bad trends (and trends we want to see more of)

Head gear

THE FEDORA (left): So cute and cheeky at first. And so creepy in the end.

THE BERET: Classic, but still fresh: Kate Middleton, girlfriend of Prince William, gets it right. (Chris Weeks / WireImage, Tim Graham / Getty Images)
Luxe knits

CASHMERE, CASHMERE EVERYWHERE (left): This once sinfully luxurious material can now be picked up during a Wal-Mart toilet paper run.

ALPACA: It’s sheep’s cooler, more exclusive friend. Just ask Marc Jacobs. (Nicolas Asfouri / AFP/Getty Images, Christopher Furlong / Getty Images)
The look

REHAB CHIC (left): One Axl Rose is enough. Welcome to the jungle.

POLISHED: Push the scarf back into a headband and clean it up. (James Devaney / wireimage.com, Bryan Bedder / Getty Images)

STRIPPER PLATFORMS (left): Is that a dollar bill tucked into her belt?

GRACEFUL STILETTOS: Less “lady of the night,” more “My Fair Lady.” (Jim Spellman / wireimage, Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)

HOODIES: We believe that a hooded sweat shirt should come from one’s alma mater and cost the equivalent of a round at the college bar.

BLAZERS: Put your money into a decent jacket, baby. (Star Press / FilmMagic, Thomas Kletecka / Alexander Wang)

THE MTV WANNA-BE (left): Tattoo T-shirts, baggy pants, unwashed hair — OK, if you’re living in your parents’ basement.

THE GENTLEMAN: A tie on a Friday night? What a concept. (MICHAEL TULLBERG / Getty Images, Jean-Paul Aussenard / Wireimage)