Women’s Fall/Winter Collections 2007/08
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Women’s Fall/Winter Collections 2007/08

The fall couture collections in Paris were steeped in decadence, with models draped in elegant fabrics with elaborate additions of feathers and jewels. Jean Paul Gaultier’s turban look with feathers and beads conjured silky visions of princes and maharajas. (Francois Guillot AFP/Getty Images)
A chocolate-hued leather pantsuit, embellished with sparkling embroidery, joined the Jean Paul Gaultier lineup. (Francois Guillot AFP/Getty Images)
Jean Paul Gaultier continued his regal look with draped headdress and an embroidered black satin jacket. (Francois Guillot AFP/Getty Images)
A black Lurex lace dress by Jean Paul Gaultier was laser-cut to resemble the wrought-iron work of a palace gate. (Francois Guillot AFP/Getty Images)
John Galliano for Christian Dior played the romantic, colorfully reimagining a 1940s look of swirling, form-fitting fabric in a show at the Palace of Versailles. (Francois Guillot AFP/Getty Images)
A white sheath gets a rosy touch, accented with long black gloves, by John Galliano for Dior. On July 2, the fashion house’s show at Versailles celebrated its 60th year and Galliano’s 10th year as its designer. (Francois Guillot AFP/Getty Images)
John Galliano’s inspired romanticism included a rich rainbow of gowns with embroidery and full skirts. (Francois Guillot AFP/Getty Images)
Italian designer Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy showed fuzzy, high-collared coats and one sculpted to resemble a spine. (Pierre Verdy AFP/Getty Images)
Riccardo Tisci revealed his wild side with an all-over leopard-spotted cat suit with matching helmet. (Pierre Verdy AFP/Getty Images)
Riccardo Tisci’s cozy, embellished jacket topped simple slacks. (Pierre Verdy AFP/Getty Images)
Karl Lagerfeld outlined his black suit in sparkling metallics, adding feathers to the sides of sunglasses. (Francois Guillot AFP/Getty Images)
Black feathers and sequins accented Karl Lagerfeld’s white gown. (Francois Guillot AFP/Getty Images)
Layers of feathers added a flight of fancy to a textured coat by Karl Lagerfeld. (Francois Guillot AFP/Getty Images)
A lime-green cape and brilliant plumage brought the Orientalist theme to a creation by Christian Lacroix. (Pierre Verdy AFP/Getty Images)
Ornate head wear topped a sumptuous crimson and white coat by Christian Lacroix. (Pierre Verdy AFP/Getty Images)
Christian Lacroix contrasted fluffy white sleeves with a slinky, shimmering dress in red and green. (Pierre Verdy AFP/Getty Images)