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Warm up to the possibilities of winter

With the holiday season at hand, the Outfitter lays down its critical pen and for the next four weeks gives into pure envy.

Tired of carrying your skis or snowboard in your hands? This device, which is worn like a backpack, lets you strap your ride of choice on your back. It’s lightweight, made of nylon, fits in a pocket and is available in green/black or blue/black. $20. (970) 429-1005,

Text by Scott Doggett
Photos by Eric Boyd / LAT ()
By day, the outer portion of the sleeves on this jacket are black with a gray pattern. By night, the pattern is so reflective it’s absolutely brilliant. Visit for details and other clothing that features the reflective fabric. $120. (800) 727-2433, ()
At last, snowboard bindings that combine the adjustability of strap bindings and the convenience of step-ins — thanks to a removable aluminum sub-frame that quickly disengages from the base plate with the release of a lever. When you step out of the Fusion, the sub-frame and straps stay fixed to your boots. $350. (800) 881-3138, ()
This all-weather, machine-washable waterproof jacket with CoolMax mesh interior features 30 hidden pockets and compartments — and a solar panel on the back that allows you to charge your MP3 player and other gizmos while you’re using them and on the go. $425. (866) 909-8378,

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