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Fashionably Extreme

DETAILS: A custom fringed lamp adds elegance; a velvet curtain is beaded, embroidered and appliqued. (Mark Boster / LAT)
PERFECT FIT: Wong’s all-white master bedroom inspired an ivory sequined dress from her fall collection. “It’s the first house I’ve had that is a natural habitat for the clothes. The mood, the romanticism, the opulence, the period feeling, it really works with the clothes,” Wong says. (Mark Boster / LAT)
An ivory sequined dress inspired by Wong’s all-white master bedroom. (MIng Wu)
A model poses with 19th century New Guinea statues atop French Art Deco pedestals at a recent photo shoot at the estate. (MIng Wu)
INSIDE OUT: The pool pavilion looks across gardens and onto city views. It took almost two years to restore the estate, which has 16 rooms, six baths and a grand ballroom. (Mark Boster / LAT)
A Moroccan lamp casts shadows and adds to the villa’s glory. (Mark Boster / LAT)
Untouched for 80 years, the once grimy surfaces and Corinthian columns in the ballroom and solarium now glow with restored gold leaf. Wong’s designs for upholstered furniture, including a round tufted banquette, ziggurat-back couch and curvy desk help return the Hollywood-style home to its Golden Age heyday. “Having bought the house, I felt it was my responsibility to be its chatelaine, to be its guardian or caretaker,” Wong says. (Mark Boster / LAT)
PURPLE MAJESTY: Sue Wong stands in front of a mirror in a Moroccan- themed suite that pays homage to Jimi Hendrix, who once lived in the Los Feliz house. To get the right purple palette, Wong had furniture tinted with henna (Mark Boster / LAT)
Sue Wong uses beadwork and applique design on her drapes in the ballroom of her Los Feliz home. (Mark Boster / LAT)
GRAND: Legend has it that the many decorative lions in the Cedars guarding a library fireplace, were modeled after the MGM mascot. (Mark Boster / LAT)