Website safeguards your (travel) values


Feeling guilty because you’re not reading your frequent-flier membership emails and hotel loyalty program correspondence? Here’s a site that stores your info and alerts you to deals and bonuses.


What it does: Stores your travel loyalty reward programs and lets you search and book travel using your debit/credit card, award flights or reward points. If you choose to book an award flight, it takes you straight to the airline website, for example, signs you in automatically and presents you with your options.

What’s hot: will alert you before your miles expire and offers tips on how to keep them. Don’t miss the Daily Deals section on the home page, where you can learn about dozens of ways to get double, triple or other bonus points. Uncover value you didn’t know existed, especially if you weren’t reading your membership emails.


What’s not: You might not see reward programs for Southwest Airlines or other carriers you use frequently. The providers that are “coming soon” are found on the FAQ page, but some on the list are already active, such as Virgin American Elevate and Best Western Rewards.

Jen Leo