Travel letters: Scenes with a sense of ‘Awe’

Scenes with a sense of ‘Awe’

The Travel section’s summer photos really left me taking extra gasps [“The Awe Factor,” Sept. 23]. All those lucky people, in those wonderful spots at the perfect moment. Thank you.

Julie Kirby



Forget hotels

Regarding “Surprise — There’s a ‘Resort Fee’ to Pay” by Catharine Hamm [On the Spot, Sept. 23]: As more of these surprise fees show up, more and more people will realize that they don’t require that free newspaper, Internet access and fresh towels and bed linens each day, and will decide to rent apartments in the cities they are going to visit, using Airbnb or other sites. Costs and fees are fully disclosed, no surprises, and no payment for services not needed.

Liz Cohen

Los Angeles



Interesting reading about fees. We have a suggestion for an article about parking fees at Los Angeles hotels. Recently we had friends visiting from London who stayed in a Marina del Rey hotel. The overnight parking fee for their rental car was $38. They visited Hollywood and paid $20 for one-half-hour parking. It was said that they would not return and pay the high fees and hoped that we can find them a reasonably priced hotel on their next visit.

Gloria Hayes

Long Beach


I have a different twist on resort fees.

I always get comped rooms at the MGM hotels in Las Vegas. Until my last visit in September, I had never been charged for anything extra, including resort fees. Imagine my surprise when I was charged $20 plus tax each of the three nights. I argued about it and, because it was my birthday, the charges were reversed, “But this is a one-time courtesy. Don’t ask again!”

I do have three comped nights in December at another of its hotels, with no extra charges. Guess where I will be staying in the future?


Bonnie Hilberg

Rancho Bernardo

Thank you for the wonderful article on our unique town of Benicia [“History by the Bay,” Weekend Escape, Sept. 9]. If I didn’t live here and I read the article about it, I would make this a distination. We are an historic town and the repository for Benicia history is at the Benicia Historical Museum. It is housed in four sandstone buildings in the Arsenal that were built from 1853-1857. There you will find the chronilogical history with interactives that the visitor will enjoy.

Again, thank you for the article boosting our town.

Beverly Phelan

Benicia Historical Museum

A happy flier

Regarding “Frequent Flier, Here’s How to Take Your Seat” by Catharine Hamm [On the Spot, Sept. 2]: My children and I have been frequent fliers on American for nearly 20 years. The award trips were especially helpful while they were in college because the dates could be changed without penalty. I have never had a problem scheduling award flights, including three international ones. Of course, I try to schedule ahead, but at the most three months. The phone personnel have always been courteous and helpful. Occasionally I have had to fly on a different day, but I have never been denied a flight. I am referring to the usual mileage requirements, 25,000 for domestic, 40,000 for international (now only off-season). I feel American’s award program is fair and very beneficial to the frequent flier.


Charlotte Egan

Long Beach

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