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A taste of ‘The Spice Island’

Beach lovers can find both white- and black-sand beaches rimming the rocky coastline of Grenada.  (Katherine Rodeghier/for the Chicago)
An array of spices is offered for sale at the market in St. George’s, capital of Grenada, “The Spice Island.”  (Katherine Rodeghier/for the Chicago)
Workers at Dougaldston Estate walk through beds of cocoa beans, shuffling their feet to turn and aerate them.  (Katherine Rodeghier/for the Chicago)
Nutmeg is the “black gold” of Grenada, which produces 20 percent of the world’s supply. Visitors see bags of raw nutmeg on tours of a processing cooperative.  (Katherine Rodeghier/for the Chicago)

At the Dougaldston Estate spice plantation, guides crack open nutmeg pods to reveal the nut inside wrapped in red plant material that becomes processed as mace.

 (Katherine Rodeghier/for the Chicago)

The first of three tiers of Concord Falls plunges over black volcanic rock.

 (Katherine Rodeghier/for the Chicago)
Grand Anse beach often is ranked among the best in the Caribbean.  (Grenada Tourism Authority)

Lake Etang in Grand Etang National Park fills the crater of an extinct volcano.

 (Katherine Rodeghier/for the Chicago)
Luxury resorts such as Laluna line the coastline of Grenada located in the Caribbean’s Lesser Antilles.  (Katherine Rodeghier/for Chicago Tribune)
St. George’s, Grenada’s capital, has become an important port of call for cruises.  (Katherine Rodeghier/for the Chicago)