Major Highway 1 landslide closure south of Big Sur to continue at least four more weeks


Highway 1 is still struggling with temporary closures in the aftermath of winter rains that battered the iconic coastal road. While areas north of Big Sur have reopened to travelers, a full closure due to landslides near the town of Lucia won’t be fixed for at least four to six weeks, according to Caltrans.

The closure at what’s called Paul’s Slide requires excavation above the road to fix major damage. A second closure at Mud Creek near the town of Gorda remains closed too. “The roadway continues to deteriorate as slide activity continues daily,” a Caltrans statement on Monday said.

And a full closure at Ragged Point, 24 miles north of Cambria, continues too.


The three areas are closed to travelers; locals are allowed very limited access.

The biggest gap in Highway 1 remains at what was once Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge in Big Sur just south of Big Sur Station. Caltrans completed demolition on March 20 after the bridge failed in mid-February, sinking into the hillside during heavy rains. It’s now in the process of planning a replacement bridge.

The luxury Post Ranch Inn has been closed since mid-February. It’s still cut off to travelers by the bridge closure to the north and landslide closures to its south.

Nacimiento-Fergusson Road, the only road that cuts through the Santa Lucia Mountains and links Big Sur to inland Highway 101, reopened to the public in late March.

Using this road, travelers may drive a short stretch of Highway 1 — to the town of Gorda in the south and Limekiln State Park to the north.


Caltrans’ Quick Map provides updates on Highway 1 closures.


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