Letters: Headed to Salt Lake City? A few more tips

I enjoyed Christopher Reynolds' article ["Après-Ski Zone," Jan. 24), but was disappointed that he missed a couple of important items about Salt Lake City. Although the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearsal nights are interesting, even more enjoyable are the free run-throughs for timing before its live radio broadcasts on Sundays.

Also, it would be interesting to readers to know that the light-rail system is free throughout the center of the downtown area. Ken Sanders Books is an excellent source of rare and Western books; there's also Weller Book Works, a longtime fixture in the area, equally as good and offering a wide selection of first-edition books.


Kenn Morris

Los Angeles

Trip insurance is key

Regarding "Insurance Tips," Letters, Jan. 24: I went through the drill with Medicare and Medicare supplemental insurance on a cruise ship. I did get an itemized bill from the doctor and cruise line, which I submitted to Medicare and the supplemental.

I became ill on a cruise ship that was anchored in Santa Barbara, but it was still considered international. I have cruised for years and always bought trip cancellation insurance. It did work, and 100% of the charges were eventually paid.

In addition, it paid for our trip home, meals and a hotel. Because we were so close and were advised not to fly, we came home in a limo right to our door with all our belongings.

It is especially important if an adverse event happens far away and emergency transportation home is needed.

Dr. Michael L. Friedman


Reel Mendocino

Regarding "Romantic and Enlightening," by Irene Lechowitzky, Jan. 17: You may be interested to know that much of James Dean's movie "East of Eden" was filmed in Mendocino. What is now the Mendocino Community Library made an appearance in the film as a bordello (the white columns were added for the movie). Dean stayed at the Little River Inn during filming.

And the movie "Forever Young" with Mel Gibson was partly shot on the Mendocino coast as well: Look for the Point Arena Lighthouse, which figured prominently in the film.

Mona Evans

Marina del Rey


The right stripe at LAX

As I was standing amid the anxious-to-be-picked-up crowd at LAX recently, I observed all the motorists slowly driving by the terminal, hunting for their passengers. I decided to phone my daughter to tell her which pillar I was standing next to, but then I realized that the six to 10 pillars in front of the terminal were all identical.

It occurred to me that if each pillar were painted with a stripe of a different color, exiting passengers could direct their pickup drivers to their location, thereby eliminating much hunt-and-seek confusion and delay of arriving drivers, which would greatly assist traffic flow.

To minimize maintenance, it wouldn't be necessary to paint the entire pillar, just a 2- to 3-foot stripe 8 to 9 feet above ground level.

John Loggins

Rancho Palos Verdes

Save and savor

Regarding "6 Ways to Save for That Trip," by Catharine Hamm, Jan. 17: Here are more suggestions for saving money while dining out on the road:

1. Don't order drinks — liquor or soft. Get lemon or lime with water.

2. Split a salad or the main dish.

3. Have dessert at home or get ice cream somewhere else.

4. Skip coffee at the restaurant.

Any of the above saves lots of money, yet allows you to dine at lovely restaurants.

Linda Milan

Culver City