Web Buzz: Travel a state via the California Through My Lens blog

Uncover California’s hidden, quirky, one-of-a-kind attractions, stores and restaurants with this very personal blog.

Name: California Through My Lens

What it does: The blog is a passionate California travelogue with more than 400 posts. Look for stops along the Pacific Coast Highway, explore natural wonders and national and state parks, find inspiration for your next road trip or try a hike you’ve never considered.

What’s hot: At first glance you might bookmark the site as just another nightstand guidebook, but take a closer look. Josh McNair is a real traveler and his posts reflect his personality, whether he’s asking foodie friends where to eat in Bakersfield or uncovering the “Strangely Awesome” such as the Galleta Meadows metal sculptures in Borrego Springs, an ostrich farm off the 101 or Wacko Soap Plant, which he calls “the Los Angeles shop for strange things.” I was drawn to exploring his Unique SoCal Adventures and dreaming about a drive along Highway 395 and stopping at his recommended locations.


What’s not: There’s so much to explore that you might wonder how best to get to them. So as not to get lost, click on the Maps tab and scroll down until you reach the Map of Locations, which will help you home in on places near you. Click on the map icons to get links to specific posts as well as directions.