Dark Harbor
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Photos: Dark Harbor haunted mazes at the Queen Mary

Dark Harbor returns in October with a new haunted maze and a motley crew of morbid characters inspired by ghost stories from the Queen Mary’s haunted history.  (Queen Mary)
The Captain, the lead character created for Dark Harbor 2012, still commands his undead sailors in the new Deadrise maze at the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor.  (Queen Mary)
A confounding yet simple series of black curtains sets the nonlinear ball-of-confusion tone for this caught-in-a-cage maze. You never know where to go or what to expect. The amazing lighting effects take full advantage of the cavernous space. (Queen Mary)
Mutated monsters roam this well-themed maze set in a haunted seaside town. The highlight: tarp-covered air walls that pressed against visitors as they pinched through a narrow, pitch-black passageway.  (Queen Mary)
A multilevel sinking ship maze filled with fantastic water effects, many of them activated by hidden triggers on the floor. Unfortunately, the living monsters (and scares) weren’t as plentiful. The Queen Mary swimming pool filled with fog was the most memorable moment of the night.  (Queen Mary)
Graceful Gale, a beautiful passenger looking for a dance partner, searches the Submerged maze as a new key character at the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor.  (Queen Mary)
Scary Mary, a young passenger who drowned in the ship’s pool, joins Dark Harbor as a new key character during the Queen Mary’s annual haunted event.  (Queen Mary)
Lots of long and boring black hallways through the ship’s hull with hardly any scares. The lamest maze of the night was saved only by the coolest effect of the evening: the elevated walkway five stories above the “engine room.”  (Queen Mary)
Half-Hatch Henry, a firefighter crushed in an onboard accident, roams the Hellfire maze as a new key character at the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor.  (Queen Mary)
The monsters and scares were few and far between in this medical-ward-gone-mad maze. Highlights: The crazy woman in the wheelchair and the old man with the walker left lasting impressions.  (Queen Mary)
Samuel the Savage, an inmate found ripped apart in his cell, joins the Containment maze as a new key character at the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor.  (Queen Mary)