Tips4theTrip: Late in the day, Santa Fe

Santa Fe

Late-afternoon sunbeams on San Francisco Street highlight the texture of downtown Santa Fe’s adobe-style architecture.

(Christopher Reynolds / Los Angeles Times)

Sunset was coming fast and Santa Fe’s busiest plaza was humming with traffic of all kinds -- on foot, in cars ... and this cyclist, gliding up San Francisco Street through the brilliant end-of-day light.

By many measures, I missed this picture -- the image isn’t sharp because I didn’t have the shutter set at a fast enough speed. But I don’t really mind. That sideways light is so nice that I’ve persuaded myself that the blur adds energy to the scene.

You can always count on travel to teach you something -- but what? Travel is the substitute teacher who didn’t get the lesson plan, the adjunct lecturer who goes off on Bukowski, the grad assistant who trashes your poetry, then hands out red velvet cupcakes. If only you’d had a clue what was coming, right?


I’m building this gallery from new and old adventures in the West and the world beyond. The photos are all mine. As for the attempted wisdom, it’s all dead serious, except for that which isn’t. 


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