Melting? Here’s video advice from a 111-degree desert

In the Coachella Valley, no one can hear you scream about the heat -- because they’re all in hotels and pools and shake shacks and well-air-conditioned cars. Meanwhile, outside, everything droops and melts. Here are some almost entirely serious tips

This just in: Southern California gets hot, especially the desert. To avoid melting, you must take steps.

Hence this 110-second advice video. I shot it in the course of a recent blast-furnace day in Palm Springs, Indian Wells, Palm Desert and other Coachella Valley hot spots.

There are 10 hints here. Some are almost entirely serious. One involves occupying a dinosaur (not recommended). Another involves a small dog with really big eyes. By the way, many of the stills here were shot in 2012 and 2014. But all the video footage comes from Aug. 15.

“A Minute Away” is a video series in which nothing much happens -- except you see the world, and hear it, and get a respite from workaday life. We’ve covered Machu Picchu, Red Square, the Yucatan, the Alamo, an Alaskan float plane and the reading room of the New York Public Library, among other places. Since early 2013, we’ve been adding a new minute every week (and some of those “minutes” are closer to 120 seconds). So if you’d prefer an hour or two away, we’ve got more than enough here for you…


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