What did this Bozeman beginner miss?

Bozeman, Mont., is a college town and a national park gateway town.

Bozeman, as I hope this video makes clear, has a lot of advantages. It’s home to Montana State University and a handsome Main Street full of lively restaurants and bars. Eighty miles south lies the northwestern entrance of Yellowstone National Park. On every side of the city (population: about 42,000), the wide open spaces sprawl.

Yes, it’s a little chilly in winter.

But I wasn’t there in winter, so you’ll have to talk to somebody else about that.

This video is about a handful of pleasant spots I found in the Bozone (as some locals call it) as a rookie visitor for a single overnight in late July. Visiting Yellowstone, I had decided to fly in and out of Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN).


It was a good decision. But next time, I’ll give myself two or more nights in town, not just one, because I have a feeling there’s plenty I still need to see.

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