The Galeria de Todos Santos
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Todos Santos

The Galeria de Todos Santos
Behind closed doors, the Galeria de Todos Santos features the workof artists from Baja as well as the United States. (ANN SUMMA)
Las Palmas beach
Las Palmas, one of the many nearby beaches that are often deserted. (ANN SUMMA)
Whale-watching tower
Posada La Poza
Posada La Poza, a new Swiss-owned hotel and restaurant near Playa la Cachora. (ANN SUMMA)
Galeria de Todos Santos
Pat and Michael Cope in their Galeria de Todos Santos. (ANN SUMMA)
The City of Todos Santos
The City of Todos Santos (ANN SUMMA)
A room at Todos Santos Inn
A room at Todos Santos Inn (ANN SUMMA)
Bruce Kramer and family
Contractors such as former San Diegan Bruce Kramer, shown with his family, have helped build up the city of Todos Santos. (ANN SUMMA)
Todos Santos Inn
The historic Todos Santos Inn, once the site of a school, cantina and movie house. (ANN SUMMA)
Café de Todos Santos
Café de Todos Santos (ANN SUMMA)
Café Santa Fé
Café Santa Fé (ANN SUMMA)