L’Etang du Nord
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Calm in Quebec

Waterfront home at L’Etang du Nord in the Magdalen Islands, part of a 50-mile-long archipelago fringed by 160 miles of beaches. The islands have long attracted Canadians in search of a summer getaway. (MARGO PFEIFF)
A gabled lavender house is typical of the simple but colorful buildings that dot some of the Iles-de-la-Madeleine. (MARGO PFEIFF)
Bakery and cafe on Magdalen Island. (MARGO PFEIFF)
Along the spectacular shoreline at Dune du Sud, beachgoers will find plenty of opportunities to be alone with their thoughts. (MARGO PFEIFF)
Fishing remains the principal industry in Iles-de-la-Madeleine. Here, lobster traps stacked outside a fish store await their lucrative catch. (MARGO PFEIFF)
It was Acadian tradition to paint houses in bright, distinctive colors, as here in La Grave, making them beacons for returning fishermen. (MARGO PFEIFF)
Weathered clapboard buildings and a rusty boat are strung along a grassy headland overlooking the sea. The year-round population is 15,000, which triples with vacationers in the warm summer months. (MARGO PFEIFF)