Guatemala, lately
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Antigua, Guatemala

In Antigua stands the gold-and-white Arch of St. Catarina (Rosemary McClure / LAT)
Carved saints at a booth in Chichicastenango, Guatamala. (Rosemary McClure / LAT)
Silvia Armas of Diamond Bar, left, is dressed in typical Maya garb by a vendor at the main market in Antigua, Guatamala.. (Rosemary McClure / LAT)
In Chichicastenango, U.S. school buses are repainted and repurposed. (Rosemary McClure / LAT)
Lake Atitlán is easy to appreciate from the tranquil Hotel Atitlán. On the lake’s northern and western shores are simple indigenous villages less frequented by tourists. (Rosemary McClure / LAT)
Mangoes are sold in an outdoor market in Sololá. (Rosemary McClure / LAT)
Teens drum up business for their family’s roadside stand by wearing fiesta costumes. (Rosemary McClure / LAT)
A herder walks his goats through city streets, stopping to milk them when passersby or residents wanted a drink. (Rosemary McClure / LAT)
Founded in the mid-16th century by the Spanish, Antigua is one of the oldest and most picturesque cities in the Americas, a treasure-trove of colonial architecture and monuments. (Rosemary McClure / LAT)
Guatemala: Vendors, workers and shoppers crowd the streets of Chichicastenango, in the Guatemalan Highlands, on a recent Sunday. Chichicastenango’s Sunday market is the busiest in the country and draws tourists from throughout the nation. (Rosemary McClure / LAT)
Small pool graces the courtyard of Posada del Angel in Antigua, Guatemala. (Rosemary McClure / LAT)
Gardens and museums surround the hotel Casa Santo Domingo in Antigua, Guatemala. (Rosemary McClure / LAT)
Hotel Atitlan overlooks beautiful Lake Atitlan near Panajachel, Guatemala. (Rosemary McClure / LAT)