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Fishing: All about Trout

A cast of one trolls the Pit River in Northern California. (R. Valentine Atkinson)
Crowley Lake, a reservoir created by the damming of the Owens River, attracts anglers seeking mostly mid-size rainbows. (File Photo / LAT)
Clint Mackey loads fish raised in a hatchery in Red Bluff, Calif. Critics blame stocking for damage to native trout populations. (Robert Gauthier / LAT)
The “Needlefish” lure, far left, is tough competition for a live cricket. (Eric Boyd / LAT)
Ishikawa with snaky-bodied goldens in camp. (Toyo Miyatake)
“Trout of the World,” by James Prosek Stewart; Tabori & Chang, $32.50 ()
Illustration by Parks Reece / ()
Illustration by Sheridan Andreas Mulholland Anderson / For the Times ()
Joseph Jacques shows off a rainbow trout caught despite high winds and waves at Convict Lake during opening day last year. (George Wilhelm / LAT)
Jeff Andrews of Grand Ridge, Mich., holds a hefty 22-inch rainbow trout he caught at dusk in a stream near Burney, Calif., in Shasta County. Photo by Chuck Echer. ()