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Pacific Crest Trail

With nearly 2,200 northbound miles yet to go, a pair of PCT hiker savor the campfire in the backyard of a home along the trail in Agua Dulce. (Chris Reynolds / LAT)
Beer and Postcards
Sipping beer and catching up on postcards, a gaggle of PCT hikers lounge at the Saufley residence in Agua Dulce. (Chris Reynolds / LAT)
On camera
Hostess Donna Saufley shoots a little farewell video of hiker Popsickle before he continues north on the PCT from her home. (Chris Reynolds / LAT)
No hike day
Pacific Crest Trail hikers Homeless, 57 (in the red with beard) and Unemployed, 55 (with blond hair and long pants) relax on a “zero day” - no hiking. (Chris Reynolds / LAT)
Pacific Crest Trail hikers Popsickle, left, and Scout make their marks in a trail book before heading north from Agua Dulce. (Chris Reynolds / LAT)
Alone again
A lone hiker heads north of agua Dulce on the Pacific Crest Trail, about 550 miles beyond its southern beginnings near Campo along the Mexican border. (Chris Reynolds / LAT)
On the right trail
Regrouping at the Saufley residence in Agua Dulce, a Pacific Crest Trail through-hiker refolds a bandanna. (Chris Reynolds / LAT)