All systems go: Our monthly column about managing travel with a disability

All Systems Go: Airports offer help in preparing to fly with family members who have developmental disabilities

One Bay Area mom ruled out air travel for her children, who are on the autism spectrum. But a San Francisco airport program offers hope. “It’s those times that you realize, with the right planning and opportunities, your child part of the community and that’s just priceless," she said.

Missing those airport announcements? Here's how to overcome that sound barrier

Communication breakdowns can unravel even the most chill traveler, but consider that one of six baby boomers has hearing loss and that generation Xers and millennials are not far behind. Or, said another way, millions of us can't hear those darned airport announcements.

A perfect beach day in California takes some prep if you're using a wheelchair, but it can be done

Beach wheelchairs are free to borrow at dozens of locations up and down the state. Lightweight, sporting big tires that move across sand, these chairs allow people with mobility disabilities to experience the beach in ways not possible a generation ago.

These apps help defeat barriers and keep you on the road

If you want to enjoy your travels but have mobility issues, there may be an app for that. In fact, finding the right apps may save you time, money and aggravation when accessibility is non-negotiable.