Camel ride
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Hashayarot Bedouin camp in Israel

Bedouins take guests on a camel ride through the desert. (Hanan’el Edri)
Birthright group members Dominic Riley, left, and Seth Brau, center, are helped down from a camel by their Bedouin hosts. (Camilla Mudrow)
The camels are housed next to the main Bedouin sleeping tent. (Dominic Riley)
A traditional Bedouin meal consisting of roast chicken, hummus, roasted eggplant, cucumber and tomato salad, eggplant dip and Bedouin flat bread. (Jenn Harris)
Salem, a member of the Bedouin tribe at the camp, plays the sumsumia before giving a demonstration on Bedouin hospitality with his tales of tribal life served up along with strong coffee and sweet tea. (Seth Brau)