Brazil dropping its visa requirement for U.S. citizens


U.S. citizens will no longer need a visa to get into Brazil, Brazil Tourism said Wednesday.

Beginning June 17, American citizens will no longer be required to obtain the passport stamp granting entry.

Until then, they will need the permission, which can be done electronically. The cost of the e-visa is $40, plus a $4.24 service charge.


As of Wednesday afternoon, however, the link to obtain that visa on the Visit Brasil website was dead, and the information about the change had not been updated. A fix was said to be in the works.

If you are traveling there in the meantime, you can visit the Los Angeles consulate site, where the link is live. As of Wednesday afternoon, however, the consulate website did not contain information reflecting the impending change.

The changeover to the e-visa last year replaced a process that many visitors found slow, cumbersome and expensive at $160.

Brazil Tourism said the number of visas issued had increased by nearly 60,000 after the e-visa introduction.

Beginning June 17, U.S., Canadian, Australian and Japanese citizens can spend 90 days in Brazil from their date of entry, Brazil Tourism said in a statement. They can extend their stay for 90 more days, not to exceed 180 days in a year.