Cavallo Point in San Francisco Bay
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Cavallo Point: A national park lodge in San Francisco’s backyard

Cavallo Point, a new national park lodge near Sausalito, overlooks San Francisco Bay and is within walking distance of the Golden Gate Bridge. The resort, which includes an upscale hotel, restaurant, lounge, spa and environmental institute, opened in July. (Peter DaSilva / For The Times)
Cavallo Point sits on the site of a former military post, Ft. Baker, which was built in the early 1900s. Historic rooms that were once officers’ quarters have been restored for the hotel. Pictured, Farley Bar, which pays tribute to the late San Francisco Chronicle cartoonist Phil Frank. (Peter DaSilva / For The Times)
Most of the Victorian-era buildings once contained officers’ quarters. Through painstaking restoration, creaking stairways, rippled old window glass, wood plank floors and patterned tin ceilings have been retained. (Peter DaSilva / For The Times)
During restoration, tin tiles on the ceiling of the Farley Bar were removed, numbered and plunged into a deep freeze to crack off the lead paint. Each tile was then replaced, in its original spot. (Peter DaSilva / For The Times)
The lodge’s upscale restaurant, Murray Circle, is led by executive chef Joseph Humphrey, whose menu is all about organic, locally sourced food. (Peter DaSilva / For The Times)
In one of the 68 historic rooms, modern amenities are combined with vintage detailing, including old woodwork, original windows and an old-fashioned floor plan. (Peter DaSilva / For The Times)
Contemporary rooms were built on a hillside to capture breezes and priceless views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay. (Peter DaSilva / For The Times)
Cavallo Point’s 74 contemporary guest rooms have sustainable features, such as bamboo cabinetry, denim insulation, radiant heat floors and solar panels. (Peter DaSilva / For The Times)
The lodge offers a variety of educational programs: triathlon training, mountain biking and yoga; contemporary art history, knitting and animation; and culinary experiences. Or ... you could just sit on the porch and enjoy the view, of course. (Peter DaSilva / For The Times)