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Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum & Planetarium

San Jose’s Rosicrucian has one of the largest collections of Egyptian artifacts in the western U.S. (Susan James)
A depiction of Akhenaten at the museum (Robert Rice)
The museum entrance is a dramatic, albeit scaled-down, replica of the forecourt of an ancient Egyptian temple. (Robert Creamer)
In the courtyard’s fountain was a life-size statue of the Taweret, the upright hippo-like goddess, standing as if dipping her toes in the water. (Robert Creamer)
Miniature figurines working on farms, feasting, brewing beer or sailing boats were placed in the tombs as well so such pleasures would accompany the dead to the next world. (Susan James)
Children are learning about Senet, a popular board game played by the Egyptians. (Susan James)
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum & Planetarium (Rosicrucian Museum)
Osiris is the Egyptian god of the underworld and of vegetation. (Susan James)