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Exploring Tetiaroa, Marlon Brando’s island in French Polynesia

Tetiaroa, the atoll in French Polynesia that Marlon Brando purchased in the 1960s, is now home to the Brando, an eco-resort. (Tim McKenna / Tahiti FlyShoot)
The Tetiaroa atoll as seen from the air. (Tim McKenna)
An overview of the Brando Resort. (Tim McKenna / Tahiti FlyShoot)
The Brando has 35 beachfront villas. The resort utilizes some ideas suggested by its late owner, Marlon Brando, including an air-conditioning system that uses cold water from the ocean floor. (Daniel A. Anderson)
A view from the resort. (Tim McKenna )
An interior view of a resort building. (Bernhard Rickenbach )
The resort has a bar and lounge, which includes a pool table and views of the sea. (Daniel A. Anderson)
The resort uses solar panels that line the airstrip runway’s edges.  (Daniel A. Anderson)
The Brando includes a spa with an outdoor tub on an elevated platform. The view comes courtesy of nature. (Daniel A. Anderson)
The spa’s welcome package includes a choice of massage oil fragrances.  (Daniel A. Anderson)
Tumi Brando, left, granddaughter of Marlon Brando, leads a tour of the atoll. Tour participants have smeared themselves with sulfurish mud, said to promote healthy skin.  (Daniel A. Anderson)
A lagoon invites swimming. (Tim McKenna / Tahiti FlyShoot)
A juvenile bird displays a photogenic side. (Daniel A. Anderson)
Beekeepers on the island. (Bernhard Rickenbach )
A crab crawls along the beach.  (Te Mama o te Moana)
A research facility on the Brando Atoll, which supports scientists from various countries, conducts studies. This baby green turtle will be released with other turtles born on the atoll. (Daniel A. Anderson)
A sea turtle swims alongside a school of fish. (Pacific Beachcomber)
Tumi Brando joins a research team to release baby green turtles born on the atoll. (Te Mana o te Moana)
Tumi Brando, center, leads a boat and walking tour designed to educate visitors about the natural habitat.  (Daniel A. Anderson)
The Brando’s activities include a tour of Tetiaroa atoll by boat and a stop for a swim.  (Daniel A. Anderson)
A boat tour includes a stop at this fallen tree, which sits sculpture-like in the shallow bay on this part of the atoll.  (Daniel A. Anderson)
Palm trees line the beach. (Pacific Beachcomber)
Visitors lounge near the water. (Tim Mckenna / Tahitiflyshoot )