Beauty Bar exterior
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Beauty Bar, Las Vegas

Check out the best Vegas party you’ve never heard of: the Get Back, on the first Friday of every month at the Beauty Bar downtown. It has a cheap cover ($10 for men, $5 for women) and a happening musical vibe. (Eric Jamison / For The Times)
The groove here is carved by an odd mix of pale and skinny Goth freaks in all black; argyle-sweater-sporting hipsters with purposefully messy hair; and throwbacks who seem to have stepped out of vintage video from MTV. (Eric Jamison / For The Times)
The heterogeneous hordes at the Get Back are corralled by the back door, a chain-link fence and two concrete walls. It’s an open-air arena whose lid is the starless night sky. (Eric Jamison / For The Times)
The kids at the Get Back get back to continuously funky, ’70s-era soul brotha jams. (Eric Jamison / For The Times)
John Doe, seen here with an unidentified assistant, is founding father and principal deejay of the Get Back. Part-preacher, part-musicologist, he’s doing all he can to keep James Brown’s legacy alive. (Eric Jamison / For The Times)
Sharee Macy gets down at the Get Back. A First Friday street festival after-party, the scene has made downtown Las Vegas cool. . (Eric Jamison / For The Times)
Break-dancing Randy Mills draws a crowd at the Get Back, illuminated by strands of Christmas lights and muted colors projected on the wall. (Eric Jamison / For The Times)
An unidentified dancer dazzles onlookers. When a cipher forms at any other casino club, bouncers swarm with flashlights to break up the breakin’ before the breakin’ begins. Not at the Get Back. (Eric Jamison / For The Times)