Shades of blue
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The Rock Islands, a marine haven, are among 300 islands and atolls in the Micronesian archipelago. (Ed Robinson / Tom Stack & Associates)
A snorkeler gets a mite too close to a Jellyfish Lake occupant, a stinger-free but fragile creature that can be harmed by the human touch. Many Palauans would like tourism to increase but are adamant about protecting marine life. (Alison Wright / Special to the Times)
Ngardmau Waterfall on Babeldaob Island is a refreshing break after a trek through dense rain forest. (Alison Wright / Special to the Times)
A carved storyboard relates a traditional tale. (Rosemary McClure / LAT)
Fish are plentiful in Palau’s markets. Snappers, wrasses and cuttlefish are among the archipelago’s 1,400 species. (Rosemary McClure / LAT)
Stilts keep a Palauan house high and dry above clear, clean island waters. “The beauty of our nation is in our waters, not in our town,” says one resident. (Rosemary McClure / LAT)