Fee for passport book or card is going up April 2

The cost of a passport book and a passport card will increase by $10 on April 2.
(Benny Snyder / Associated Press)

The total price of a passport book and a passport card is going up by $10 on April 2.

The cost of the document itself is not increasing. Instead, it is the acceptance, or execution fee, that is increasing to $35.

That will put the cost of an adult book at $145 and an adult card at $65 and a child’s passport at $115 and a child’s card at $50.

The fee covers the cost of accepting the application, “identity verification and document review,” a State Department announcement said.


“This particular fee does not go to the Department of State but goes to the entity that does the acceptance,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Brenda Sprague.

Most such transactions — about 75% to 80% — occur at post offices, Sprague said. But libraries, clerks of courts, universities and other locations may accept applications, she said.

“This is a revenue stream for them,” Sprague said. “It encourages them to stay in the business.”

Those renewing by mail will not be charged the extra fee.

Passport books can be used for border crossings by air, land or sea travel. Passport cards are for land border crossings and sea entry from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda. The card is not for international air travel.

A State Department grid will help you decide which you need although Sprague said citizens increasingly are getting both.