Mandalay Bay
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Vegas’ Coolest Pools

Mandalay Bay
At Mandalay Bay’s 11-acre “water feature,” hotel guests can float leisurely on a lazy river, stop under an occasional waterfall for a little heady fun, or get swept to “shore” by artificial waves. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
The Palms
The Palms tries to draw a hip crowd with poolside cabanas and hammocks. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
The Flamingo
The Flamingo offers a water adventure that’s packed with waterfalls, slides and birds both live and concrete. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
At Paris, a wide but ordinary pool at the foot of a Parisian landmark. Walk underneath the Eiffel Tower to dine at a French-style bistro. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
MGM Grand
The MGM Grand, Las Vegas’ largest hotel, goes the extra mile with a lazy river that takes almost 10 minutes to float around. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
Flamingo’s waterfall
One pool at the Flamingo has a 14-foot waterfall. The hotel’s water area also contains another, more sedate pool for those who want to relax. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
The classy Bellagio does not disappoint: Three of its pools have mushroom-like fountains in the center for its guests to sit beneath. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)