Airline with the most Wi-Fi flights? Delta leads the pack, report says

Wi-Fi on airlines
Routehappy reports that fliers have a 24% chance or better of finding Wi-Fi on flights worldwide.
(Illustration by Reuben Muñoz / Los Angeles Times)

The award for the airline that offers the most Wi-Fi-accessible flights goes to ... Delta Air Lines.

Air travel data cruncher Routehappy reports that Delta came in tops for having the highest number of Wi-Fi flights and flight miles. And Virgin America snags the top spot for having 100% of its fleet Wi-Fi enabled.

As fliers clamor for more connection to the Internet, Routehappy’s Global State of In-Flight Wi-Fi report released last week says airlines are indeed stepping it up.

Fliers can expect to have some chance of hooking into Wi-Fi on 24% of flights worldwide, though the quality of the connection varies widely. And U.S. airlines offer Wi-Fi on 66% of their flights.


A year and a half ago, United Airlines offered Wi-Fi on 518 of its domestic flights. Today that number is 1,445 flights. On the domestic front, American added Wi-Fi to 630 flights, Delta to 503 flights and JetBlue to 386.

Aside from ranking which airlines have the most Wi-Fi flights, Routehappy also ranked Wi-Fi quality as “good,” “better” and “best.”

United Airlines has the highest number of international planes equipped with the “best” Wi-Fi, according to the report. American/US Airways has “better” Wi-Fi on its fleet of more than 300 narrow-body Airbuses.

And Virgin America, American, Alaska and United get top marks for offering Wi-Fi and all-important charging outlets at seats.


By the way, if you search on Routehappy, you’ll be able to compare which in-flight amenities are offered.

Info: Routehappy