Makati City, in the Philippines, deemed selfie capital of the world

Filipino teens pose for a selfie group picture overlooking Makati City's skyline in the Philippines. The city has been dubbed the selfie capital of the world.
(Francis R. Malasig / EPA)
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Where are the most selfie-obsessed places on the planet? Makati City outside Manila in the Philippines has been dubbed the selfie capital of the world by Time magazine, which also ranked the Disney dominated Anaheim-Santa Ana area as fourth. Sorry, Angelenos, Los Angeles didn’t make it in the top 100.

Selfie-takers number 258 per 100,000 people in metropolitan Manila, according to a recent database the magazine made of Instagram users who tagged the arm-extended self-portraits #selfie and included geographic data.

Time ranked 100 “selfiest” cities, which includes California cities San Francisco (11), Riverside (35), Sacramento (76), San Diego (82) and San Jose (91).


After Makati City, the top 10 cities are:

2. New York City
3. Miami
4. Anaheim and Santa Ana, Calif.
5. Petaing Jaya, Malaysia
6. Tel Aviv
7. Manchester, England
8. Milan, Italy
9. Cebu City, Philippines
10. George Town, Malaysia

Some of the rankings are more than perplexing: Boston (13) over Paris (17)? Leeds in Engand (19) over Las Vegas (20)?

The magazine provides some context for its attempt at scientific selfie findings: “While the metric of ‘people who take selfies per capita’ is far from a perfect measure, it was far and away the most comprehensive means of comparing the 459 world cities that turned up at least 25 individual users in the database.” (Here’s Time’s Selfiest Cities of the World full list.)

So Angelenos, it’s time to get snapping -- or not.
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